Embed Notion Pages

Create Once, Use Anywhere

Notion does not allow you to embed it’s links in web or mobile.
Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

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Embed in Web

With embed-notion-pages, you can generate embed links for your public Notion page and get the iframe source code. You can embed this iframe within any of your existing web page or website.

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Embed in mobile

Notion pages cannot be accessed from any 3rd party mobile app. But generating an embed link using embed-notion-pages would allow your notion page to be rendered within your app’s web-view.


1-Click Link Generator

Generate embed links with just a click. Paste your notion page link - click embed and Bam!


Auto sync pages

Made some changes in the original Notion page? Don’t worry, embed link auto-syncs.


Notion block support

All the major Notion blocks are supported by get-notion-embed. Get started now!

Get Started For Free

Start creating embed for free. Upgrade only when required


Forever free account to create your embeds. Signup and start creating embeds now.

  • Total 5 Embeds
  • Watermarked
  • No expiry, lifetime access!
  • No dark mode
  • Email support

$4 /month

Pro account to create and manage unlimited embeds with no expiry! Signup now.

  • Unlimited Embeds
  • No Watermark
  • No expiry, lifetime access!
  • Dark mode
  • Email support

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to get my embed link?
1. Make Sure Your Notion Page is Published
2. Copy the link using the “Copy web link” button. Don’t copy from the web browser URL
3. Paste the link in the input box above and generate your embed link
4. Drop the generated link or the iframe code in your website or app and you are good to go!
Can the embed link work within websites and mobile apps?
Yes, you can embed the link in an iframe on the web and within the web view in mobile apps.
Can the embed link work within websites and mobile apps?
For the Free plan: embeds will expire after 30 days or if you delete your Notion page. For the Pro plan: embeds will remain indefinitely unless you delete or edit your Notion page.
How many embeds can I generate?
For the Free plan: you can generate a maximum of 5 embeds.
For the Pro plan: you can generate an unlimited amount of embeds.
Can I delete embeds on the free plan?
Yes, deleting embeds is available from within the dashboard.
How can I remove the watermark?
You can upgrade to the PRO plan and remove the watermarks from all your embeds.
How can I reach or contact the Get-Notion-Embed team?
You can reach us at info@solutionwise.in. We’ll be happy to assist you with any of your issues.